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[BKARTS] re-binding a spiral redux

Many thanks for all the suggestions about rebinding a new spiral
notebook.  Richard understood the problem

"For oversewing or in-line sewing you don't need a drill. Spirals and
wire-o's already have big holes. You can straight sew or whipstitch through
the holes, but then it won't open flat."

but as he remarks, then it won't lie flat.  Surely there is a way to
do this - but then this is the problem we face with all perfect-bound
books isn't it?  Even though this isn't perfect-bound, the problem is
the same - how to bind single cut sheets so that they open flat....

Maybe I will go with Lee's suggestion

"Wrap some craft wire around a dowel of the correct size and then thread it
through your holes."

Thanks again, Henrietta

Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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