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Re: [BKARTS] Sender's Email address

Maybe because I get my mail in digest form, or maybe because I get my mail
through AOL, or maybe just because, but I see everybody's e-mail address just
fine. Surly it can't be because I use a Mac? Below is a sample of what I see.

In a message dated 12/12/03 9:02:32 PM, LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Date:    Fri, 12 Dec 2003 09:23:52 -0800
From:    Betty Storz <storz@xxxxxxx>
Subject: Sender's Email address

The list does not wipe out the sender's Email address. It merely hides it.
In order to retrieve it in order to reply off list or send a personal
message, do this: right-click on the sender's name in the heading, then
left-click on PROPERTIES. The writer's Email address is there for you to
copy and paste into the TO line of your reply or new message.

Try this on my letter to find out my Email address.


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