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Re: [BKARTS] Sender's Email address

It 's not when you get the e-mail, as Don keeps pointing out. To understand
the issue, or non-issue, look at the archive, for example:


BTW it is not archived at Philobiblon, but at CoOL. If you don't know CoOL,
you need to:

I don't get the e-mail because it's way too much. I set my preference to
nomail and check the archive periodically, just looking at the posts that
interest me. I wish they had done this from the beginning of the list.
Because of email address harvesting from the posts I've made, my address
must be on thousands of email address cd's that are sold to email
marketeers. I get as many as 1200 pieces of junk mail and viruses in a day,
and never less than several hundred.  I pay $5 extra a month to my domain
host for a spam filter and virus filter that removes them very effectively,
updating its id files every 15 minutes.  Only a handful get through.


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