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[BKARTS] The World's Largest Book

There was an interesting article in the NY Times business section today by
Steve Lohr about the largest commercial book ever published.  Titled
"Bhutan," it is five feet height, opens to nearly seven feet wide, and
weighs more than 130 pounds.  According to the article, "each book uses a
roll of paper five feet wide and 400 feet long, a third longer than a
football field. Each copy consumes two gallons of ink and takes 24 hours of
printer time."

In case you are interested, each of the 500 copies costs $1,000 to produce
and sells for $10,000.  The $9,000 left over from the sales of each copy
will go to the Bhutan ministry of education and into a scholarship fund to
send Bhutanese students to college abroad.

The bookbinding was done by Acme Bookbinding in Charlestown, Massachusetts
was "an innovative design combining Japanese and European techniques, new
materials and hand craftsmanship. Each book takes two people with long arms
about two days to assemble."

Check out the full article at

Ed (Hutchins)

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