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[BKARTS] subsitute for white pastry flour

The recipe that I have for wheat paste calls for "white pastry flour," which
must be banned from my town. I tried making paste from "whole wheat pastry
flour" but the grind is too course, and I can see bumps under the paper.
I've been able to find "white rice flour" "chestnut flour" "potato starch"
and "all purpose gluten-free baking flour" all of which look like they'd
work for paste, but I wanted to check for recommendations from the list.
Also, to make the paste, would I use 4.5 parts water to 1 part flour for all
of the above, do you think?

I'd prefer not to wait for an order of "white pastry flour" b/c I
volunteered to re-cover a book for a friend, and, donkey that I am, I've
been holding it for months. She's beyond antsy.


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