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Re: [BKARTS] Flour Paste

I toured the lab at the BM in 1996 and their aged paste is still there.
Furunori, as it is known, is wheat starch paste stored in a pottery jar
with a layer of water on top.  The water is changed once a year.  Though
not exactly stored for 100 years (some exaggeration possibly here...)
they do keep it for 8-10 years.  It is used as an adhesive for backing
scrolls where extreme flexibility is required, along with reduced
strength of adhesion.
I've got to agree with Jack, the use of flour paste (which includes
gluten) should be discouraged.  It certainly was used in the past and
will stick, but it's coarser and will invite more insects than starch
paste will. It's also more of a hassle to remove down the road.  Any
conservation supply house will stock wheat starch.  Another source is
directly from the food processing industry.  It's cropping up in art
supply stores now too- for a premium.

Doug Sanders
Indiana Historical Society
450 West Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3269
tel: 317-234-0045

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