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Re: [BKARTS] Pockets


There is a bit of an art to making a good, effective pocket.  We use a variation
to the one shown in Bookbinding for Beginners, J. Kay.  London, 1930, et al  (pp
38-39.  The Wallet design, figure 3).  Basically, it is a three sided pocket, of
which two sides are gusseted with a light book cloth.  If any more than a half a
dozen pages are likely to be put into the pocket, a third gusset is made on the
third side, instead of just the folded card stock.  We usually make the pocket
open at the top, and attach it onto the front or rear board of the book, after
the endpapers have been pasted down.  The depth of the pocket you will have to
work out for yourself.  We usually make it something between an half and two
thirds of the length of the leaf, or more, occasionally.

Such pockets are often useful for restored Family Bibles, into which the Mylar
encapsulated genealogical pages, which have been removed from the binding, are
stored.  This is usually requested by the customer, and is useful because it is
often only those pages which are ever referred to in these old Bibles.

We can fax, or email-attach a copy of the design to anyone who may wish for it.
It is a very simple design, but then, all good things are simple!

Peter Krantz

Book Restorations.
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