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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 20 Dec 2003 to 21 Dec 2003 (#2003-350)

> I saw your post and as the original poster of the pocket question I =
would love a copy of the directions for the pockets you make!  I tried to send you an email but the mail is returned as host not found. I work at =
a law school library and I have begun experimenting because I see a need =
for more pocket making in the future Can you send an email attachment to =
this address?
> Thank you
> Astrid

--- Peter Krantz <restore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Greetings,
> There is a bit of an art to making a good, effective
> pocket.  We use a variation
> to the one shown in Bookbinding for Beginners, J.
> Kay.  London, 1930, et al  (pp
> 38-39.  The Wallet design, figure 3).  Basically, it
> is a three sided pocket, of
> which two sides are gusseted with a light book
> cloth.  If any more than a half a
> dozen pages are likely to be put into the pocket, a
> third gusset is made on the
> third side, instead of just the folded card stock.
> We usually make the pocket
> open at the top, and attach it onto the front or
> rear board of the book, after
> the endpapers have been pasted down.  The depth of
> the pocket you will have to
> work out for yourself.  We usually make it something
> between an half and two
> thirds of the length of the leaf, or more,
> occasionally.
> Such pockets are often useful for restored Family
> Bibles, into which the Mylar
> encapsulated genealogical pages, which have been
> removed from the binding, are
> stored.  This is usually requested by the customer,
> and is useful because it is
> often only those pages which are ever referred to in
> these old Bibles.
> We can fax, or email-attach a copy of the design to
> anyone who may wish for it.
> It is a very simple design, but then, all good
> things are simple!
> Peter Krantz
> ***********************************************
> Book Restorations.
> Sydney,
> Australia.
> Email:  restore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Established 1976
> ***********************************************

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