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Re: [BKARTS] Shakespeare manuscript at eBay

Have you the eBay item number for this, or a URL? My
search of eBay and eBay.co.uk fails to turn up
anything like this....


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> Bard's manuscript proves big draw in cyberspace
> bidding
> Vijay Dutt
> London, December 24
> In a bizarre marriage of the ancient and the IT
> modernity, a 340-year-
> old edition of William Shakespeare's Pericles,
> Prince of Tyre is soon
> to be sold on the internet site eBay. The bidding
> has already touched
> £5 million, according to The Mail.
> A priceless Shakespeare manuscript would have
> normally attracted some
> major auction house, but the dictates of modern
> times have overtaken
> such "antiquated" methods of sale.
> The offer on the internet site has been described as
> equivalent to
> car boot sale in cyberspace. eBay is now a popular
> site for computer
> users to clear out unwanted items and is also used
> as a trading
> centre by books and CD collectors.
> The bound, yellowing work of 20 pages is owned by a
> British collector
> who will close the bidding at 6:53 pm on Thursday.
> The manuscript
> formed one of seven plays in the third folio of
> Shakespeare's work
> which was produced in 1663/1664.
> The manuscript was one of only a few copies that
> survived the great
> fire of London at a printing warehouse in 1666. The
> report reveals
> that the work has been the subject of a bidding war
> involving
> collectors, libraries and universities on the eBay
> site.
> Until Tuesday night 87 bids had been received from
> across the world,
> the highest being £4,800,300 from an American
> collector. Bidding got
> so frenzied at one stage that part of the site
> crashed.
> Pericles tells of a man shipwrecked with is daughter
> and was
> published in 1608. The present seller John Ellis
> from Hampstead in
> north-west London, told The Mail that he purchased
> the manuscript
> from an antiquarian house in the US. He revealed
> that he had received
> a letter from Oxford University as well, expressing
> an interest in
> buying the manuscript. He is pleasantly amazed that
> bidding has
> touched £5 million. He initially expected about
> £200,000.
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