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Re: [BKARTS] How to fold a sheet of paper

> Are there any instructions available for the seemingly simple task of
> folding a sheet of paper in half?

The easiest way to fold a piece of paper is to put it flat on a table and
bring the two edges toward you, aligning all three sides.  Next it is
important to start the crease in the center of the fold and crease outward
to the right, go to the center and crease to the left.  The thicker the
paper to more important is this step.  If you start creasing at an outside
edge and all away to the other edge the paper can become unaligned.  A bone
folder gives it a nice crease.  Keep in mind you need to have a perfect
rectangle or square so that all three sides align evenly.

Another helpful hint:  if the paper is light colored place on a dark
surface; dark paper place on a light surface.

I know this sounds like a lot of instruction for such a simple task, but
after folding hundreds of concertinas and origami folds, I found these hints
really do help.


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