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Many of you will be saddened to read the following:

Sandra DeNola Kirshenbaum Memorial 2:00 pm Friday, January 2nd at 2:00 pm at
Temple Emanuel in San Francisco

Sandra Kirshenbaum, self described Wordpusher, Editor and Writer, died at
home on December 26, 2003.

Born July 4, 1938, in Milan, she came to San Francisco with her parents in
1940 to escape fascism.  As a schoolchild Sandy developed a love of books.
Awarded a Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley, she then earned a Master?s degree
from the Carnegie Library School in 1960.

After living on the East Coast and in Argentina for a few years, she
returned to San Francisco with her family.  Sandy became a rare book dealer
before founding Fine Print in 1975, a world-renowned journal devoted to the
book arts.  As editor and publisher, she was a central figure in the
renaissance of the Bay Area-based book arts movement, through its pages
supporting and encouraging its many practitioners world-wide.  Another
publication, Pro Arte Libre, followed for a time.  For over two decades her
office?filled with unusual, handmade books, prints, and other works of
art?became a gathering place not only for a devoted staff but for an
eclectic array of artists, craftspeople, writers, editors, academicians,
collectors, librarians, and book dealers.  Her warmth, enthusiasm and wit
were great assets to her endeavors and to those who knew her.  A founder of
the Colophon Club of San Francisco, she lectured widely and earned many
honors, including the American Printing History Association Award, and the
Oscar Lewis Award from the Book Club of California in 1998.  The Brancroft
Library at UC Berkeley published her oral history in 2002, and an index of
Fine Print, authored by Sandy, was published this year.

She leaves her husband, Noel; children, Kent and Lisa Daniela;
grandchildren, Ethan, Leo, and Talia; sisters, Lydia and Emily; and brother,

Everyone in the book arts community will miss her.

(Based on an obituary in the San Francisco Chronicle, December 30, 2003.)

Signa Houghteling
Guild of Book Workers
Hand Bookbinders of California

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