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Re: [BKARTS] Carbon Paper

Don Drake wrote: <<Back in Sept '03 Frank Lehmann was
looking for a source for carbon paper... >>

I wasn't a subscriber back in September, but possibly
Frank was trying to find a source of OLD carbon paper.
The old-fashioned smudgy carbon paper used forty or
fifty years ago was perfect for darkening pale or
uneven blind tooling; you touched a heated tool to the
paper, then tooled with it, and it gave a beautiful
deep-black color indistinguishable from the color
drawn by sucessful blind tooling without pigment. My
teacher had part of a box from the 1960s, and I can
testify to this. Unfortunately, modern carbon paper is
smudgeless and will barely come off on your hands even
if you rub it briskly, and this new carbon paper is
useless for blind tooling; when I tried it the tool
basically wouldn't pick it up, and it certainly didn't
make tooling more even. The use of carbon paper is
mentioned in the Faheys' 1952 book FINISHING IN HAND
BOOKBINDING; the passage may be mysterious to binders
who have tried the technique only with modern carbon

Tom Conroy

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