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Re: [BKARTS] Seattle Source

I buy my board from Colopon Book Arts Supply in Lacey, WA. It comes in 2
thicknesses. They will ship. Contact Nancy at colophon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx or 360
459-2940. I also found some very cheap book board at the U of Wash bookstore. It was
lighter and easier to cut and I not sure how archival, one thickness only.

Jill in Wenatchee

In a message dated 1/1/04 9:01:30 PM, LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

>Subject: Seattle Source

>Hi All,

>What is the best retail source for binders board in the Seattle area?
>Is there anyone who carries a variety of thicknesses at a good price?

>Laura Russell
>Bellingham, WA

Jill Timm
Mystical Places Press
Handcrafted artist books,
one of a kind and small editions,
miniature and not so miniature.

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