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Re: [BKARTS] High School level Book Arts Programs

Hunter College High School in New York (one of the City's elite public
schools) just this year set up a letterpress shop, driven by student
interest. It is currently equipped with a Vandercook #4 and a C&P Pilot
donated by parents, a bank of Monotype Bembo donated from one of the college
presses at Yale (which is upgrading some of its type), and various
miscellaneous accoutrements from a number of other sources. Their first job
(talk about going commercial out of the box!) was a lovely wedding
invitation set for a teacher. They plan on having a real apprentice course
(non credit, after school) starting this spring taught by parents and
perhaps some instructors from the Center for Book Arts, and the ultimate
goal is eventually to integrate the shop with activities in both the Art and
English departments.

In addition, I believe that Hackley may have either set up a letterpress
shop this past year, or is at least thinking about it. Clearly, letterpress
is on the comeback trail! [grin]

David S. Rose
Five Roses Press
New York, NY

(By the way, one neat thing that the Hunter students have done is to look to
APA bundles for inspiration. Donn Sanford, an APA member, donated several
years worth of monthly letterpress bundles, and the students have had great
fun going through all of them and posting the best examples (or the most
seasonal) on bulletin boards in the shop. The front door of the shop has a
poster with that neat quote from Ben Lieberman: "YOU can print! You can do
real printing, even if now you can't tighten a nut, can't boil water, can't
tell type from tape, live in one room with three other people, and have to
hoard your money... It's simple, it's fun, it's useful, and you'll have
something to show!")

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From: Brian D. Cohen
Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 3:20 PM
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Subject: High School level Book Arts Programs; items available


I have informally set up a letterpress shop at the secondary school (The
Putney School in Vermont) where I have taught for twenty years, and am
looking for type and/or equipment that might be donated (we are non-profit)
or sold inexpensively to our fledgling press.  I'm also curious if you know
of other secondary schools with Book Arts programs.


Brian at Bridge Press (located in southeastern Vermont)

Brian D. Cohen
Bridge Press
4976 US Route 5
P.O. Box 103
Westminster Station, VT 05159
(802) 722-4029

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