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[BKARTS] no wait adhesive film

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has tried out the adhesive
used to create book cloth as advertised on
philobiblon.com and described below. How easy is it to
use and how good are the results? Any time-tested

Deb Dormody
Rhode Island


 This very special double-faced adhesive film will now
let you make unlimited book casings, bindings, boxes
and unlimited other projects in just minutes! The big
advantage of this SPECIAL double-faced film is that it
can be used with common fabrics purchased at the local
retailer - special bookbinding cloth and adhesives are
not needed. This enables the artist, binder and
crafter to choose from many resources for unlimited
creative results! This film is resistant to oils,
plasticizers and UV light as well as remaining
flexible over time. Once the film is applied there is
NO drying time.

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