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Re: [BKARTS] How to sew pages without gaps

A number of factors go into a snug sewing.  Sewing on tapes implies an
"all-along" method that (usually) has every fourth signature catching up the
threads of the previous three signatures at the tape stations. This allows a
consistent tightening of the sewing throughout the text.  A consistent
tension on the thread as you sew also helps. If sewing without tapes,
catching the sewing station in two or three places of the previous signature
also controls slack, though this method is casual. Using beeswax on your
thread instead of paraffin helps keep tension as it is stickier. Rounding
and backing will even things out. Finally, having a sewing frame helps
because it keeps the signatures stationery as you work, among other
benefits. So it depends on what kind of method you use, and what kind of
book you are producing.  A flat-back spine that will not be further shaped
in a lying press will not have the snug, solid characteristic of one that
will. If you can give more specifics on your sewing method and what kind of
book you are binding (artist, traditional, etc.) perhaps we can address some
specifics to help you further.

Karen Pardue
WhiteRiver Studio
Colorado Springs, CO

G.A., Project Excel
University of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO

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