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[BKARTS] How to sew pages without gaps

i'd like to urge you to catch up the sewing of the previous section each time
you cross the sewing supports; the sewing will produce a herringbone pattern
along the tapes. see Peter Franck's A LOST LINK IN THE TECHNIQUE OF
BOOKBINDING AND HOW I FOUND IT, Gaylordsville, Connecticut 1941.
not only does the continuously linked stitching help to minimize gaping
between sections, it spreads the strain on the sewing thread throughout the text
block. further, by carefully observing the regularity of the herringbone pattern
you can insure even thread tension during the sewing process. as even and
regular tension is critical to the long term success of the sewing structure, and
short of long experience sewing, this visual record is the best guide i know
of to good sewing technique.
having said this it sounds as if you are not applying any adhesive to the
backs of the sections after sewing. in this case a certain amount of gaping is
inevitable. one other solution is to sew the sections on an accordion folded
piece of JHMP. this will not prevent the gaping but will disguise it. the
accordion folded paper can and should be observed as a decorative as well as
structural element. in conservation binding this produces a variant on the theme of an
adhesiveless binding in the sense that no adhesive will ever touch the spine
folds of the actual book sections.
best, james

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