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Re: [BKARTS] Carbon paper and UK Manufacturers

I had the same trouble a few years ago in finding carbon paper  for
blind tooling or black lettering on cloth and found it necessary to get
hold of various carbon papers/films to experiment with until I found one
that had a coating which lifted off with the heated tool.

Types that seem to work OK here in the UK are Stephens Royal
Sovereign  Typewriter Carbon order number RS 520153 and Kores
(Harlow, Middx)  carbon paper " Serillo Nordic" with a red backing and
their later paper with a metallised plastic back finish - this backing has
a pinkish tinge and has Serillo written down the back with a flying horse
symbol stating it is an  "interfused reinforced backing".  All these three
carbon papers have a coating that lifts without any trouble.  I am not
sure if they are still available as it was a few years ago that I bought the
box of Serrillo paper.

No doubt there are others that will work successfully.  It is really a
matter of trying different papers to find one that works.

Rodney Fry

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