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Re: [BKARTS] How to sew pages without gaps

It's simply my own taste in sewing, but I try to avoid sewing with a linked stitch (to previous sections) except at the kettles.  To me it seems antithetical that one is placing a stress on the shape of the book that is in the opposite direction to the usual rounded back.
     Except for heavily used library reference structures that have to withstand being driven over by a car, or for the experience of having made them, or specific structures that would require them (I can't think of any that REQUIRE a link stitch) it seems fairly heavy-handed and "over-kill".  Proper sewing technique, along with whatever follow-up in structure is required (according to the structure type- lining etc.) should afford a tight, nicely sewn block.  Loose sewing goes away with practice.
     Pressing the block down every few sections (between the supports) while sewing can help  also.  If it is an adhesive structure, than I can't imagine why one would want a comparatively inflexible sewing.  One that, as the book is rounded, puts more and more stress on the sewing itself.  Just some thoughts- tomorrow I might think the opposite.


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