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Re: [BKARTS] How to sew pages without gaps

Rachel has reminded me of a step some new binders may be disregarding. When
folding the signatures, fold all the sheets of each signature at once, not
one at a time. This avoids trapping air in the fold, which may cause the
needle to go between sheets, skipping pages and making sewing more

.Depending on the number and thickness of the sheets, there may be some
creep at the fore edge. (This will be trimmed off later.) After the
signatures have been folded, they should be stacked, one on top of the
other, alternating direction of the spine and fore edges and keeping those
edges absolutely perpendicular.

Then the whole should be placed between boards and put in the press or under
heavy weight overnight to produce a solid text block, ready to be rearranged
in correct order and sewn.

Using a weighted stick or other tool (your fist) to pound several signatures
as you sew helps to keep the swell to a minimum and the stitching tight. If
the thread had been waxed, the pounding will embed the thread in the fold
helping further to keep it tight.


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