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[BKARTS] Book Arts Article

Dear People,

 I'm new to the list but have taught and written on the subject of Book
and Paper Arts/Sculpture, etc., internationally for many years.

Am enjoying the exchange of information and the exposure to others work.

Wonder if any of you saw the  article  " Books as Art Objects" (Reading
Is Optional) by Michael Frank in  the January 2, 2004 New York Times.
Librarian  Virginia Bartow has put together an exhibition from their
collection of  more than 4000 letterpress books winnowed down to 90.
The premise seems to be,  "Can books , without much explanation,
without being read , say something?"  I find this fasccinatiing as I am
doing a series of kinetic  books that have no  printed words.  Am
curious if others are pursuing similiar avenues.  My  own students are
very exploratory in this regard.

Joan Michaels Paque
Milwaukee, WI  USA

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