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[BKARTS] peter franck

ah the virtues of being an old binding fart! peter franck sent me my copy
long long ago and i've not kept up on the market. my apologies for foolishly
assuming that the text would be available in local research libraries.
while i admire mr. franck's work immensely, i cited him as only the first
publication of the technique to my knowledge. i suggest that the work of mr.
roger powell, mr. peter waters, and more importantly mr. christopher clarkson is
of greater import and interest. unfortunately, neither mr. powell nor mr.
waters published near enough. their house book  of 1965, also ridiculously priced,
does include a brilliant photograph which tells incomparably well the story of
a well sewn, using the herringbone stitch over tapes, rounded and backed text
on this topic two other more readily available texts come immediately to
mind: mr. phillip smith's new directions in bookbinding and j.a.szirmai's the
archaeology of medieval bookbinding.
if we wish to encourage the publication of out of print or never printed
work, i urge the consideration of mr. clarkson's unpublished work on limp vellum
bindings in the library of congress.
for those unfamiliar with mr. clarkson's work, his are the most important
contributions to binding in the 20th and now 21st centuries. while he argues and
i agree that modern "fine" binding has little to offer his specialty,
conservation binding, conservation binding is or should be the sin que non of our
work. fortunately mr. clarkson is widely published. a good beginning is to be
found in the pages of the paper conservator.
i invite off list inquiries if i can be of further assistance. best, james

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