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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 5 Jan 2004 to 6 Jan 2004 (#2004-7)

From:  Sharon McCartney <lilypeek@xxxxxxx
Subject: Book Arts Article--Books without Words

Dear Joan and Barbara:

I have really appreciated your comments on the topic of books communicating
without words/and the book as object.  Having read the Michael Frank article, I
find myself both wanting to see the exhibition, and already wanting to
propose a "part two" which would compare ways in which makers of unique books differ
from those who use letterpress as their primary means of creating content for
their books.
As a painter and collage artist, I began in book arts by creating small
collections of images housed within the book format.  I agree with Barbara that
sequence is a primary means of communication in these types of books.  While I
have gone on in my work to add some text, it is almost always secondary to the
imagery and structure of the book itself.  Indeed I think this is common for
books that can be described as "sculptural", and it is worth noting that these
are often one of a kind pieces.
Another format to bring to this discussion could be that of altered books,
especially those  which are involved with removing all or part of the text of a
book to create new content.  Granted, a lot of the altered books that are
being created today suffer from an excess of "scrapbook-itis", but I am thinking
instead of Tom Phillips, Buzz Spector, Bob Ebendorf, etc., as well as some of
the artists in Holly Harrison's new book on the subject.  In the books of these
artists, text was supplanted by vivid and compelling  images that clearly
communicate meaning of their own.
Many thanks for initiating this discussion, I'd like to hear the responses of

All the best,
Sharon McCartney

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