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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 5 Jan 2004 to 6 Jan 2004 (#2004-7)

Sharon, Barbara & Richard,

First off thanks to Richard Minsky for providing the web site for the NY
Times article on "Books As Art Objects".  The article is important
because it highlights the growing parameters  and exploratory aspects of
this art form. It is a good read.

It is encouraging to me to hear Barbara Harman and Sharon McCartney's
comments  as they reaffirm my own.  However, I wonder what the general
reaction to these  stances  are within the list group.  Perhaps if those
who differ would be willing to offer their  opinions on the subject we
might all  gain some enlightenment.  This may open a  Pandora's box
but, I think,  worth the risk.

To change the subject.  May I make a suggestion?  I belong to other
lists and find it helpful when people  note where they are from.  This
makes net working so much easier.

Thanks to all of you for your imput.

Joan Michaels Paque
Milwaukee, WI  USA

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