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[BKARTS] Book Arts Article--Books without Words

In the wake of the NY Times article I have, once again, taken
minutes/hours to ponder the nature of communication. Before the
alphabet, communication had to make use of oral story telling, body
language, pictures and music or a combination of some or all. But once
the symbolic letter/words became widely accepted, it seemed to be
clearer than all previous methods. We bow to words. In similar ways,
science took the modern world under its wing and is considered by many
to trump any other form of understanding.

David Abrams in "The Spell of the Sensuous" offers thought on what we
have lost by worshiping only at the table of words and science. 

I was troubled by the tone of the Franks' article. It seemed to by-pass
the idea that communication through the book format might come in other
than words. Not that I am lobbying for the arcane or difficult to
appreciate. Rather, I think the "startle" of realization and
understanding is usually brought about through confronting information
that is presented in a venue outside the norm. We've become immune to
the standard, the ordinary. A mime is to voice as books are to words.
Doesn't it stay with you longer when you figure out what the mime is
trying to communicate, when you are enticed into thinking?

Looking forward to the comments of others ~


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