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Re: [BKARTS] Books without Words

There was a time when art was not defined as such. Can we say the same
for words and text?

A scroll was a "book" once, I guess.


On Friday, January 9, 2004, at 03:09 PM, Michael Andrews wrote:

. . .
So, even if you imagine that you are producing art that expresses a
revolutionary new literacy, or is somehow manipulating metaphor beyond
language, then you ought, at least, to have some respect for language,
and content, since all such art ultimately falls back upon it.

It is far easier to grasp the definition of art that is expressly not
on word and thought,
if it simply allowed the inclusion and validity language and thought
its great transcendental cosmos, rather excluding the very modes of
expression needed to explain and justify such art in the first place.

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From: "J. Haefner" <webgrrrl@xxxxxxx>
My sense is that we are reducing the term book to a structure (or a
term). Which, to me, is like defining a sentence by its syntax only (a
lot of commas in this one).

Or is it part of a genus...like tree (out of my area here)?

If an artwork is defined only by it's medium, why do artists become

So who will write the new text-book?


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