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[BKARTS] The twilight zone: books without words

That it would happen if somebody erases all the words
of all the books of the world?
Would reality be made the prophecy of Bradbury?
Today they travel the planet hordes of beings without
words, unable to speak ten followed minutes because
they have a nonexistent vocabulary,  functional
It is very strange that people that says to be able to
interpret the Bible for itself deny that that at some
time somebody teaches that everything begins with the
To know that all our perceptions are subject to the
space and at the time, we don't need to read any
revolutionary manifesto. Alone we should read Kant.
It is pathetic to check as people that are not able to
write three line of a text that is worthwhile to read,
they have the audacity of saying that they make art
books because they bend a bristol board and envelope
she stamps their inked fingers.
Perhaps my English is not very good, hopefully Spanish
of my critics is as good as mine

                         Guillermo Compte Cathcart

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