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[BKARTS] Hey, I do that! (used to be - Books without Words)

FYI, I produce and publish at least one book each month  with, except for the
covers,  absolutely no words!

It's for Portland Organic Wrestling, a bunch of crazy-fun people who perform
a faux-wrestling show the first thursday of each month. I take from 200 to
300-plus pictures during each show.   And, although  all the photos are published
on the web, I still like to produce a book with every picture in it.

What makes these books possible is that I produce 'em really fast. Utilizing
Pagemaker to automatically place each picture, plus Photoshop batch
processing. Each issue takes, at most, a couple hours to produce.  It takes much longer
(about 12 hours on average) to dpwmload the book to the printer. The body is
all black and white.  However, I print the covers on Epson Enhanced Matte
paper, which works great as cover sheets for  spiral bound books. I've found that
an interesting front cover makes all the difference in how people react to a

Even with all the technology in this new world, there is still something very
powerful in the printed, bound form, regardless of the content.


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