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Re: [BKARTS] heedless of definitions

Thanks to Don Drake for amending first email and giving that operative

Both Traveler and Amending are wonderful works.
AND they  exhibit just how wonderful a spread of mind across  "book
works" can be.

Books in all the forms discussed and shown on this list are , indeed,
sacred objects to me.
I thank all of you for sharing the wordy ones, the non- wordy ones, the
traditionally bound/created and
the uniquely bound/created. "Old" or "new" each work holds and offers
more than it physically presents.
Each, for me, gives a glimpse of a mind/heart at work in the
world....shows me a perception or
idea or thought or value that broadens my view of things.  Apprehending
each work gives me a time that takes me
out of my own narrow time/mind....even, at times, letting me know I
have allies/companions out there!

I appreciate the sharing.

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