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[BKARTS] Question?

This thread has been interesting. My question is this. I all this
copyrighted? lol
I think this would be great material for an artist book -

Pictures of nude women with martini's, pictograms of dogs urinating,
cunniform words - which one can not understand, various words of wisdom spurned out to
qualify one's intention. All for the sake of justification of a "book as
book". No matter who did it.

When photography was developed - sorry for the pun - artist were set free to
"create" and the artist was no longer a recorder of history - he began to make
objects that he declared "art" of and in themselves. This has been just as
heated and lively discusion as any - as is the present one on the validity of
what one call's "book art"

With the advent of computer technology - printer's "set type" on a computer
screen - writers use a laptop to create their novels -sometime by passing the
printing stage and you can read it on your computer as an E-book. Is it still a
"book" And when was the last time someone actually wrote someone a letter
using pen and paper and sent it in the mail?

Well back to my question - can I use this material to download, typeset, add
Digital photographs, edit on my laptop and then print it out on paper -colate
it, bind it and then sell it in the free market as an "artist book"?


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