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[BKARTS] Tangled threads redux

<< And I would like to work toward finding a way to have shows
> reviewed without the ending sentence of "at least we are all having
> fun."
> At least reviews of book arts are not headlined 'these are not your
> grandmother's quilts'! <g>
> Max

Many years ago when I was a weaver, I had my first one-person show at an
upscale gallery in Atlanta.  I had developed multi-layered, hand dyed ikat
silk and wool fabrics that I made into long coats and jackets of my own
design. I hand painted the silk linings and made the various knotted
fastenings of hand dyed silk cord.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covered
the show.  The headline read:  She Sews Her Own Clothes.

Susan Lightcap

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