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Re: [BKARTS] Question?

Darrell Ross wrote:

Well back to my question - can I use this material to download, typeset, add Digital photographs, edit on my laptop and then print it out on paper -colate it, bind it and then sell it in the free market as an "artist book"?

It would depend on how much of each item you used, among other factors, but it is definitely a feasible project. My book, "Lineland: Mortality and Mercy on the Internet's Pynchon-l@xxxxxxxxx Discussion List," was assembled in a very similar fashion.

About 75% was my own work, but the rest was strategically integrated
that people complained that I had simply stolen the book. Some of the
material I used was either in the public domain (a couple of press
releases) or covered by fair use. For more substantial items, including
private messages, I obtained permission from the respective authors.

Nonetheless, it produced an hysterical flame war on pynchon-l. Not a
single person whose work was in the book complained. They all accepted
their free books (two copies each) as fair compensation. The uporoar
came from subscribers who were not in the book and, usually, not on the
list when the original discussions took place. Despite this, I had the
unique experience of being attacked for "using other people's work
without permission" in an extended *puff* for the book that was
scheduled to go out to Amazon.com customers. When I tried to get this
amended, they killed the review.

Lineland was one of the first books to use actual email messages for a
considerable part of its content. There had been email fiction books,
and emails had been used in books, but I believe that Lineland may have
the first to be constructed almost entirely from materials generated in
an email discussion community.

You can see more about Lineland at

It can be purchased through amazon.com using
or just search on Lineland.

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