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Re: [BKARTS] Books without Words

Sounds like a good deduction to me. I like to leave the interpretation
up to the viewer. To me it's as much about what the viewer brings to
the art, as what I do in its creation. It's enjoyable to hear how
others view an artwork.

I have really enjoyed this tread.


On Saturday, January 10, 2004, at 03:39 AM, Jack C. Thompson wrote:
Anyhoo.  Her books, described by her as books, seemed to consist of
slabs of kilned clay displayed with pruned tree branches.

The only words involved were on the display cards, explaining to the
viewing public that what they were witnessing were books.

I saw it as a connection between Babyonian clay tablets and groundwood
pulp paper.

She told me that I was wrong, but did not explain.

As I said, I'm a book conservator. Sigh.


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