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Re: [BKARTS] Bindery Insurance

If you mean workman's comp. insurance the following may be useful.

When I first employed staff I applied to the State of Oregon's
workman's comp. company and even though I stressed that only
hand bookbinding work was performed in my lab they mailed me an
invoice for insurance at machine bindery rates.

I contested their determination and they sent an examiner to the
lab.  He agreed that no machines were in use in the lab and wrote
up his report.

A month or so later the State board returned a determination that
I operated a machine bindery.

Once again I contested their determination and they sent the same
examiner back to survey the lab.

He was embarrassed, and told me that he would simply respond with
the same report he'd given them before.

Another month, another letter from the State board.  Machine bindery.

There was one last appeal, and that was a personal meeting between
me and the board during their next Portland meeting.

I brought before and after photos of half-a-dozen book restoration
projects and passed them around while I explained the operation
of the lab.

A month later they wrote to tell me that as far as the board was
concerned, the lab was a commercial photography studio; one of the
lowest rates in their book.

I did not dispute them again....


>Can anyone recommend an insurance company in the States that will cover
>a hand-bindery? My current carrier lumps me in with machine binderies
>which greatly increases the rates.
>Frank Lehmann
>Lehmann Bindery

Thompson Conservation Lab.
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, Oregon  97217

503/735-3942  (ph/fax)


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