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[BKARTS] The Lord of The Curriculum

The first months of the new year are usually of hope,
because it is supposed - an ephemeral illusion? - that
something changed with the almanac.
Those that look for work make - one and a thousand
times - that synthesis of their knowledge, experiences
and expectations that we call with their Roman name:
curriculum vitae.
Do they send him that x-ray from themselves to who?
Who is the Supreme Judge that reads it and does it
determine if the applicant enters or will he stop with
their illusions to the basket of garbage?
That Eye of Fire that all he knows it that has the
Absolute Power, it analyzes the life and the work of
hundred - of thousands - of people without any control
type that guarantees a minimum justice in the
Any serial murderer - at least in the papers - he
knows which are the procedural norms that protect it
of the abuses of the Power who are their judges and
the norms that will apply for their trial.
The one that sends a curriculum gets undressed - when
exposing their history - inside a room limited by
mirrors that only return their own image.
Who is looking at us?
Will an impartial Judge that takes into account all be
and each one of the details that we have written with
meticulous fervor?
Or will a mediocre one that selects closing the eyes
only be and grabbing the first letter that their hands
find on the desk?
Or will the damned convict that makes fun of that
written together with the Orcs that obey his
commandments be?
Anyone puts an announcement in a newspaper requesting
good presence, experience, certain age, certain
vehicle and desires of progressing and offering
limitless possibilities of progress, in a climate of
understanding, in a company in expansion.
Should they be protected by a legal mark those that
look for work and do they send their personal data,
their trajectory, their expectations to a mail stall
without name and without face?
Why is it allowed that the companies that are looking
for personal they don't grant the applicants the same
possibilities that offer to their consumers when they
invest so much time, effort and money to improve their
image permanently?
Would not a first positive step be to guarantee the
transparency of this true competition of antecedents
that who write the curriculum they knew - as minimum -
the name of the company that she offers the work
Should not it be demanded that it was identified those
that will make the selection in each warning published
in the newspapers and did one have the possibility to
know the reason of the failure?
Surely, they won't lack who argue - more papists than
the Pope - that a company cannot lose so much time to
satisfy the ego of the unoccupied ones.
Who does respond then of the thousands of hours
invested by those that look for an employment? Who
does encourage them to continue insisting in their
desperate search?
We should not forget that who sends a curriculum it is
throwing a bottle to the sea with their history and
with the hope of the salvation.
As we see, Frodo and their friends are not the only
ones weak that should face to the wrongs of the world.
Compared with this invisible violence, not strident
that humiliates, daily that she makes lose hours and
days waiting an answer that will never arrive because
nobody is bothered in answering why not that it kills
the illusion and that it dries the life, Saurón it is
only a pathetic one evil of movie.

                          Guillermo Compte Cathcart

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