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Re: [BKARTS] On spelling and "what is a book"

Great point Jim!

I was at an art opening and as I studied a painting that was somewhat
interesting the gallery owner as if i liked it. I said yes and she preceded to
"define" and "explain" all the little details about the painting and what the artist
was trying to "say". She handed me a paper with the artist intention and
purpose and I glanced back and forth between the page and painting.

After I was done she asked if I was interested in purchasing the piece. I
said no - but could I have a copy of  his statement. I told her the artist was
more successful in his written word describing his purpose and intent - then his
work of art. She looked at me puzzled and I told her if the artist needs to
collaberate his message by using some other form of communication - in this
case a wriiten statement - then he has failed himself and deprived his audience
the chance to share in its creation and mission. He failed to communicate its

I use this example with my students. As now I will use Jim's paragraph on the
Cambridge  sample. If your choice of communicating leaves one trying to
figure it out and needs some other form of explanation - then you have failed to
comunicate. Period.


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