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[BKARTS] books, heat, humidity, warping

For 11 years, my shop was on the fourth floor of an old factory building
where it was cool during the winter and warm during the summer. Last year, I
moved quarters to the first floor of the building. I have a 6" well-wrapped
steam pipe that goes across the rear of my space along the ceiling, right
near the windows, and a 2" pipe along the lower edge of the rear wall. The
nearest shelving is about 6' away. My space is 75+ in the winter and about
the same in the summer.

I've noticed that some of the books, especially those about 12" high, are
developing a very slight curl, mostly on the rear cover. One book, however,
the oblong Wisconsin Death Trip, though, has both covers severly curled. Not
all books are effected.

I began measuring the heat and humidity today; humidity registers at 24-25%,
what I understand is a normal range; the temperature today measured 64-66F
[the heat is lowered in the building on weekends].

Any speculations as to what is causing this and how I can correct it before
things get out of hand? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Russell duPont
Books, Prints, & Ephemera

specializing in reference
materials on the fine &
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Russell duPont, Books, Prints, Ephemera & Art

Reference materials on the fine and decorative arts,
Americana, Ephemera, and Travel in Distant Lands.

41 Star Street
Whitman, MA 02382

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