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Re: [BKARTS] Hey, I do that! (used to be - Books without Words)

In a message dated 1/10/04 6:52:41 AM Pacific Standard Time,
slightcap@xxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Please post the URL for this site--I'd love to see the photos! >>

Thanks for the interest.

The main site link is:


We had a little art show at Gallery 500.  Here's the direct link for the
pictures that were shown there.


Threre are still prints left, so, if anyone wants a beautifull 14" x 17"
print, just let me know.

Also, anyone who wants free tickets to a show (first thursday of each month),
just send me a SASE and let me know the number of tickets wanted.

Dean Fletcher
6720 NE Rodney Ave
Portland, OR 97211

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