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[BKARTS] commentary on artwork

For several days, the following has been a puzzlement to me and since
Barbara brought it up again, I would like to ask a question. First the

In a message dated 1/11/04 8:01:08 PM, DDsrtist@xxxxxxx writes:

<< After I was done she asked if I was interested in purchasing the
piece. I said no - but could I have a copy of  his statement. I told her
the artist was more successful in his written word describing his
purpose and intent - then his work of art. She looked at me puzzled and
I told her if the artist needs to collaberate his message by using some
other form of communication - in this case a wriiten statement - then he
has failed himself and deprived his audience the chance to share in its
creation and mission. He failed to communicate its "message" >>

Would Ddsrtist have purchased the painting if there had been no
collaborative message? Or at least, would he have been more compelled to
do so assuming funds were available?

I would like to add my appreciation for all who are taking a moment to
add their thoughts on these current subjects.


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