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Re: [BKARTS] On NPR - book-binding machine that makes it cheap and easy toprint professional-quality books within minutes.

In a message dated 1/12/04 3:01:54 PM, AlShal@xxxxxxx writes:

<< Looks to me like a desktop perfect binding system --

"See how the Fastback® system helps libraries save

money and books." May be aimed at the small-scale

library bindery market. >>

I heard the report on NPR--- they interviewed people who were using the 
machine in extremely rural parts of Africa... had the binding machine and computer 
in a van with a satellite dish so that local folks (often kids) could come in, 
choose a book in their own language to download, and walk out with a book in 
their hand. The closing comment was something about the irony of having the 
Internet and print-on-demand e-books providing such access to physical books...

LeeAnne Mallonee in frigid Maine

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