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[BKARTS] My answer

First of to A. Yes if I had the funds I probably would have bought the
painting. I liked it.
Enough said. I felt sorry for him because I'm sure at the time he painted it,
the last thing on his mind was a having to write a full blown explanation of
why he did. I think one is one's self worst critic and to try to justify it
when it shouldn't be needed leads to trouble - as in this case. What he painted
was nice - what he wrote was a whole different story - and I actually did like
it. There were two different actions first the painting (nice by itself) then
a story (nice by itself). Unfortunately they together didn't fit.

And for being snide and rude. Well Yes again - to the dealer for putting the
artist into the position of having to defend his artwork. I think this is the
same line we have been discussing with regards to the artist's that are using
the book format as a way of creating their feelings and thoughts. It's this
kind of "justification" that we overlook the qualities, textures, images and
just plain enjoying looking that we get into trouble. As Joseph Campbell said
"Art is superflourous beauty" It doesn't make you want to do something, or buy
something or possess something - it's just there to be enjoyed.

Watch the movie L.A.Story with Steve Martin when they are in the musuem and
Steve Martin is giving an analysis of one of the paintings that they are
standing in front of- He describes this whole scene and what the people are doing
and then they walk away. And the camera shows this large colorfield abstract
painting. There is a sense of that here with this disscusion.

Read Hermann Hesse's "Journey to the East" I think it would be rather

And a final Yes - Leave the crtiticing to the critics - leave the art for us
to create as we please.

Darrell Ross

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