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[BKARTS] moldy paper

I have a question about mold that I'm sure someone on this list will be able
to help me with. I recently had a show of prints at a Seattle cafe, and the
extra copies were stored leaning against a wall. Water ran down the wall and
soaked a number of the prints which then proceeded to mold very nicely. It's
a lovely grey mold with a little bits of pink. The moldy sections,
fortunately, are only on the corners of the prints, extending about three to
four inches in. Is there anything I can do...hopefully by myself at
home...to restore the prints to their original condition? I should probably
mention that the paper was Somerset Textured.

Thanks for any advice.

Chris Stern
Stern & Faye Printers
37607 Cape Horn Road
Sedro-Woolley, WA 98284

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