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[BKARTS] Apprentice/Intern/Studio Assistant position open

Having mostly completed my new bindery and gallery construction, I am ready
for an assistant/intern/apprentice. The location is rural upstate New York,
near the city of Hudson.

Applicants should have at least two years of training in hand bookbinding,
and have mastered the foundation processes. Previous successful individuals
have backgrounds that include studies with private instructors, a college
program, or at the Center for Book Arts, have graduated from the Lycee
Estienne, Ecole des Arts Decoratifs or a craft/design college in central
Europe, or have worked in a University or private bindery. I have had
people working in the studio since 1971.

The work includes a wide variety of projects, including unique book art
works, works of art that are not books, small edition binding and
production, portfolios, albums, guest books, book repair, and the usual mix
of jobs you would expect in a hand bindery. Additional responsibilities may
include administrative miscellany, workshop maintenance, and whatever other
activities I may be involved in.

This is not a position for the beginner or the faint of heart. It is at
times difficult, frustrating, and exasperating. Other times it is
mesmerizing, exhilarating, and satisfying. Those who have survived two to
four years or more in my shop have gone on to substantial achievements,
either as masters of their own studios or of institutional workshops.
Others have left in tears.

At the Interview the applicant brings examples of work they have completed
and takes a test. This demonstrates your basic bookbinding skills, such as
paper folding, board cutting, pasting, etc. If the applicant passes the
test and we agree to continue, a three week trial period begins. If we both
want to continue after that, a three month trial period begins, and is
followed by an evaluation (by each of us).  Depending on the skill level of
the applicant, we may then negotiate a studio assistant contract.

Hudson is less than ten minutes drive and is rapidly becoming a cultural
center with a growing community of artists. There are many more events,
museums, concerts and entertainment areas within a 45 minute radius,
including several excellent skiing locations (Hunter, Wyndham, Catamount,
Great Barrington), the city of Albany, Bard College, The Clark Institute,

A car is a necessity.

Applicants should be completely familiar with my work and writings. They
are on my website. Also do a search of the book_arts-L archive. Submit a
letter of interest by e-mail or through my website contact form. The letter
should include your previous training, the book forms you are competent at,
and if possible a link to your web page with images of your work. It should
state clearly what it is about my work that makes me the right master for
you, and why you will be an asset in my shop.


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