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Re: [BKARTS] dust jacket restoration

Arthur Johnson's book, "The Repair of Cloth Bindings", 2002, has on
pp.84-85 a clear description with a picture of the repair of dust jackets.
There are also a number of descriptions on page and corner repairs
and cleaning earlier in the book.

The topic of paper restoration and conservation is a major subject.  If
you have a good library nearby you may be able to access the journal
of the Institute of Paper Conservation, "The Paper Conservator".  Over
the years there have been a number of detailed articles on paper
repair, washing, bleaching and deacidifying.   No doubt the topics have
been addressed in other journals.

It is also worth looking at the "The Book Arts Web Basic Paper
Treatments for Printed Book Materials" at:
and the previous Web page

Many modern jackets seem to be a shiny plasticised film on the actual
wrapper - these are probably more awkward to repair, although they
seem to be stronger than the old paper jackets or wrappers.   Probably
using a PVA adhesive applied with a fine brush along the tear and then
place the jacket between silicone paper under pressing boards is a
suitable procedure for these modern wrappers.

Old paper ones are likely to have suffered more significant damage
requiring the whole jacket to be backed onto suitable paper or tissue as
is described in Johnson's book.  The wrapper would also need some
attention to cleaning I imagine.

I have avoided backing the whole wrapper on occasion by pasting a
strip of suitable paper along the top and bottom edges.  I have even
done this on new books to give them some additional strength.

Rodney Fry

On 14 Jan 2004 at 19:05, summer jellison wrote:

> Hi,
> Does anyone know of anyone in the Philadelphia area who would be
> willing to give a workshop on dust jacket restoration/paper
> restoration? Or, even any tips, materials etc. that should be used
> when working on dust jackets? I am a painter with a book
> arts/printmaking background andI have some book jacketsI would like to
> restore. Thank you!
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