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[BKARTS] GIRL PRINTERS - An Invitational Show Featuring Printing, Books & Ephemera, Smith College, Northampton, MA.

GIRL PRINTERS -- An Invitational Show Featuring Printing, Books & Ephemera

January 14 through March 28, 2004
Reception: Thursday, February 19, 4:30 to 6:30

Neilson Library: first floor, Morgan Gallery; third floor, Mortimer Rare
Book Room Gallery, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts 413-585-2907

Curated by Carol J. Blinn, Proprietor of Warwick Press Assisted by Meg Sanders

[This show, originally at Union College in Schenectady, New York, for the
fall of 2003, has moved to Smith College. All of the women represented at
Union are in this show, with the addition of Barbara Blumenthal/Catawba
Press. Due to space restrictions, only 93 of the original 164 pieces shown
at Union can be displayed. But do not be discouraged. It's a terrific show!
Those of you familiar with the title and subtitle of the show while at
Union will note that the subtitle, "Talented Women Strut Their Stuff!" is
missing. It seems several of the students at Smith were offended by the
phrase. Ah, youth. I love showing my stuff. -  C.J.B.]

"GIRL PRINTERS" showcases professional work done by thirty-eight women
printers from across the United States. Many of the women have been
printing for years, some are mid-career and a few are just beginning their
journeys. They all hold in common a respect for and a love of craft, a need
to communicate, and a desire to use their hands and tools to create good
work. The aim of this show is to introduce college students, the academic
community at large and the visiting public to the wide variety of printing
and book arts work being done by a sampling of women. With tongue-in-
cheek, the title of the show reflects that we are strong, we are talented
and we are part of a great tradition of women printers -- from the nuns
creating letters by hand in the scriptoria, to the advent of women using
moveable type in the fifteen hundreds, to the creation by Elizabeth
(Harris) Glover of the first printing office in the original thirteen
colonies, meriting her the title "Mother of the American Press" -- and now
to the scores of contemporary women practicing their craft with great
determination and skill. Besides the work on display, the show features the
women's own voices responding to a series of questions asked by the
curator, herself a practicing letterpress printer for thirty years. On the
pillars of the gallery you will find every manner of emotion presented by
these printers as they write about their lives and work. Each woman is
unique; each brings to this show her own sense of how to live a full,
imaginative life. I urge you to read the quotations, for they tell stories
of each of us doing what we do best...making things by hand and by machine,
by needle and thread, by computer and lead.

List of Participating Women:

Edith McKeon Abbott, Lynne Avadenka, Roberta L. Bannister, Carol J. Blinn,
Mare Blocker, Barbara Blumenthal, Inge Bruggeman, Jean Buescher, Kathryn
Clark, Maralyn Crosetto, Marie Dern, Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Leslie Evans,
Jules Remedios Faye, Julia Ferrari, Madelyn Garrett, Sally Green, Robin
Heyeck, Kate Hitt, Jeannie M. Hunt, Susan E. King, Karen Kunc, Emily
Martin, Ruth McGurk, Bonnie Pratt O'Connell, Sara Parkel, Marian Parry,
Robin Price, Karen Pava Randall, Coriander Reisbord, Felicia Rice, Sarah
Roberts, Katherine McCanless Ruffin, Jenny Sapora, Carol Schwartzott, Sandy
Tilcock, Claire Van Vliet, Kathleen Walkup


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