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Re: [BKARTS] Sewing sections without a frame

Dear Adrienne,
Thank you so very much for this additional suggestion.
I finally worked out something similar, but didn't think of using a
kitchen cutting board. Instead of using paste on the tape, I put
extra-stick Post-its to hold the tapes on the top as I went along. It
was not perfect as my pages were rather large, but I think that the
Post-its, added to your technique would work really well on smaller
June-Etta Chenard

Sewing sections without a frame

Stack the sections carefully and mark the sewing positions. Make sure
the sections are pierced at the sewing stations. Use a needle mounted
in a handle for this.

Use a kitchen cutting board and attach tapes in position to the
underside with sticky tape.
The sewing tape sticks up enough to allow you to sew round it.
  If the tape is not stiff enough, apply a little paste to a good length
of tape and let it dry, with a weight attached to the end, before
sewing. then cut the required lengths.

it helps to put a weight in the center of the section to hold it open
as you sew.

Push the sections down firmly after sewing each one. Be careful not to
catch the threads of the tapes.
They must move easily after sewing so you can adjust the lengths.

Adrienne Allen

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