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Re: [BKARTS] GIRL PRINTERS - An Invitational Show Featuring Printing,Books & Ephemera, Smith College, Northampton, MA.

Peter:  Do you know if there is a catalogue for this show? -- Elspeth

"Peter D. Verheyen" wrote:

> GIRL PRINTERS -- An Invitational Show Featuring Printing, Books & Ephemera
> January 14 through March 28, 2004
> Reception: Thursday, February 19, 4:30 to 6:30
> Neilson Library: first floor, Morgan Gallery; third floor, Mortimer Rare
> Book Room Gallery, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts 413-585-2907
> Curated by Carol J. Blinn, Proprietor of Warwick Press Assisted by Meg Sanders
> [This show, originally at Union College in Schenectady, New York, for the
> fall of 2003, has moved to Smith College. All of the women represented at
> Union are in this show, with the addition of Barbara Blumenthal/Catawba
> Press. Due to space restrictions, only 93 of the original 164 pieces shown
> at Union can be displayed. But do not be discouraged. It's a terrific show!
> Those of you familiar with the title and subtitle of the show while at
> Union will note that the subtitle, "Talented Women Strut Their Stuff!" is
> missing. It seems several of the students at Smith were offended by the
> phrase. Ah, youth. I love showing my stuff. -  C.J.B.]
> "GIRL PRINTERS" showcases professional work done by thirty-eight women
> printers from across the United States. Many of the women have been
> printing for years, some are mid-career and a few are just beginning their
> journeys. They all hold in common a respect for and a love of craft, a need
> to communicate, and a desire to use their hands and tools to create good
> work. The aim of this show is to introduce college students, the academic
> community at large and the visiting public to the wide variety of printing
> and book arts work being done by a sampling of women. With tongue-in-
> cheek, the title of the show reflects that we are strong, we are talented
> and we are part of a great tradition of women printers -- from the nuns
> creating letters by hand in the scriptoria, to the advent of women using
> moveable type in the fifteen hundreds, to the creation by Elizabeth
> (Harris) Glover of the first printing office in the original thirteen
> colonies, meriting her the title "Mother of the American Press" -- and now
> to the scores of contemporary women practicing their craft with great
> determination and skill. Besides the work on display, the show features the
> women's own voices responding to a series of questions asked by the
> curator, herself a practicing letterpress printer for thirty years. On the
> pillars of the gallery you will find every manner of emotion presented by
> these printers as they write about their lives and work. Each woman is
> unique; each brings to this show her own sense of how to live a full,
> imaginative life. I urge you to read the quotations, for they tell stories
> of each of us doing what we do best...making things by hand and by machine,
> by needle and thread, by computer and lead.
> List of Participating Women:
> Edith McKeon Abbott, Lynne Avadenka, Roberta L. Bannister, Carol J. Blinn,
> Mare Blocker, Barbara Blumenthal, Inge Bruggeman, Jean Buescher, Kathryn
> Clark, Maralyn Crosetto, Marie Dern, Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Leslie Evans,
> Jules Remedios Faye, Julia Ferrari, Madelyn Garrett, Sally Green, Robin
> Heyeck, Kate Hitt, Jeannie M. Hunt, Susan E. King, Karen Kunc, Emily
> Martin, Ruth McGurk, Bonnie Pratt O'Connell, Sara Parkel, Marian Parry,
> Robin Price, Karen Pava Randall, Coriander Reisbord, Felicia Rice, Sarah
> Roberts, Katherine McCanless Ruffin, Jenny Sapora, Carol Schwartzott, Sandy
> Tilcock, Claire Van Vliet, Kathleen Walkup
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