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Re: [BKARTS] BookFest 2004

In answer to Kevin's question, BookFest has been held for the past several
years on a smaller scale with about a dozen artists at different times.
Previous book artists have included Emily Martin, Susan Rotolo, and Tadashi

After last year's BookFest it was decided that it was time to band together
with more artists, pool our resources, and reach a wider audience of
collectors.  I don't know what to expect, but we have a great mid-town
location (an easy walk from Grand Central Station) and a growing team of
book artists.  Most of the book artists are coming from New York, New
Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  However, we've had inquiries from
as far away as the state of Washington.  Plane fares and hotel rates have
never been cheaper and easier to get thanks to the Internet.

In terms of publicity we've sent out 300 press releases, scheduled
advertising (including a 1/4-page display ad in the Manhattan Gallery Guide)
and show listings, and we'll be sending out 3,000 postcards (with another
1,500 set aside for vendors to send out).  In these tough economic times we
don't have any choice but to get going and find new ways to promote our

The whole point of BookFest is to put book artists face-to-face with
collectors.  Nothing increases the chance of selling a book like putting it
directly in a potential buyer's hands.

We are putting BookFest together on a shoestring budget and we're keeping
the rate for tables deliberately low in order to make this an attractive
opportunity for a wide range of book artists.  It's virtually certain that
the tables will cost more next year.

All artists will have to decide for themselves if this is an attractive
offer, but Carolyn and I are doing everything we can to make this a
profitable venture for all of us.  Please join the excitement.

If you have any questions please contact either Carolyn (Chadwickbb@xxxxxxx)
or me (ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) directly.  You are also welcome to check out the
BookFest website (www.BookFest.com).  By next Friday there should be a good
start to a growing list of participating book artists.

Ed Hutchins

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