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[BKARTS] Clam Shell Box

This post appeared on Cyberscribes, a calligraphy list, but I thought
someone on Book Arts might be able to help Jean. You need to send to her
directly. She is not a member of this list. John Neal

From: Jean Wilson <jmwilson411@xxxxxxxxx>

I have been working on a job for a client, writing a poem on a small
folding screen. I suggested making a small clamshell box to hold the
screen and showed him a sample of one that was 3" x 4". He liked it and
then his eyes lit up. He has 4 pieces of pottery to give as gifts and
was trying to figure out a way to present them. They are flat bowls,
from 11 to 15-inches in diameter and range from 4 to 5 inches tall. So
these will be large boxes. The bowls are heavy stoneware, not light
weight porcelain.

I am sure the boxes need to be sturdier than davey board. Has anyone
ever made large clamshell boxes out of anything sturdier than davey
board? In exploring Talas and other archival sites, I found archival
foam core and archival corrugated board, which would probably work. But
I would be interested if anyone has any other ideas.

I will be buying book cloth. Does anyone have a recommendation on which
of the book cloth materials would be the friendliest to someone who has
not made anything quite this large before. Or a caution about which ones
are known to be temperamental.

Thanks in advance.  Jean

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