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[BKARTS] couple quick questions

i've got a quick couple of questions about bookbinding.  i've bound about
6 books (yup! still a beginner!) on linen tape, and am working now on
learning some Keith Smith exposed spine types of bindings.

question 1 -- when do you *need* a cradle?  i've never used one, and even
though i've been told i need one, i don't see exactly when i need it...?

question 2 -- i have an idea to make a book which, when opened, has a
rectangular hole cut through every sheet of paper.  this would be for
putting a pen inside the book to take with you. the book would be large
enough so that the rectangle went lengthwise across the top or bottom of
the book, so that the short end would be towards the spine.  (little
diagram below)

any idea what the best way would be to cut that hole?

          S|  _______  |
  LEFT    P| |_______| |
  COVER   I|           |
          N|           |
          E|           |
           |           |
           |           |

thanks for any advice!

- kristen

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